Church Planter

Rio Life Community Church (RLCC) in Mercedes, TX is seeking an individual to join the Pastoral staff in the role of

Church Planter. This is an opportunity to serve God with a bi-cultural English/Spanish speaking church family that

continues its Gospel proclaiming, disciple-making ministry of over 70 years.


RLCC seeks to hire a Bi-Vocational Church Planter who will work in residency under the leadership of the Lead

Pastor and the pastor-elders to equip the saints in disciple-making. The residency time is designed to train and

equip the Church Planter to launch and lead a new congregation in the greater Rio Grande Valley. The Church

Planter will be in paid residency for a period of 18-24 months.

The Church Planter will work with RLCC pastoral staff and pastor-elders to determine the most strategic location for

the future church. During the residency, the Church Planter is expected to learn the values and objectives of RLCC,

grow in pastoral leadership and disciple-making discipleship, and work to build a healthy core team for the future

church plant. The Church Planter is strongly encouraged to be Bi-vocational in an effort to supplement his

compensation and to build relationships with non-believers.


  • Personal Growth (10%)
  • Be Teachable – Enter into mentor/coaching relationship with pastoral staff for care, prayer, and


  • Be Disciplined—Cultivate a passion for prayer and the Word
  • Leadership Development (20%)
  • Complete personal/ministry assessments discovering strengths & weaknesses
  • Fulfill C&MA ordination requirements within 24 months
  • Receive church-planting trainings
  • Write and execute a personal development plan for continued professional growth
  • Disciple-making Discipleship and Outreach (50%)
  • Seek opportunities to develop relationships with lost people
  • Create daily practices (rhythms) that reflect gospel intentionality using the BLESS model
  • Begin and multiply a Missional Life Group (MLG) in a strategic area
  • Identify and build a core launch team (through weekly discipleship utilizing the RDNA model)
  • Develop a 24-month ministry plan for the new church plant by the conclusion of residency
  • Pastoral Responsibilities (20%)
  • Preach and teach as opportunities arise at RLCC
  • Shepherd and provide pastoral care to RLCC family
  • Candidate Qualifications
  • Official Worker of the C&MA preferred, not required
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred, not required
  • Language: Conversational Spanish preferred, not required


Compensation: $20,000 (annually)

Please send your application and resume to